Habitat Protection

Better to protect what exists than to try to rebuild once lost. EPC uses advocacy to address policy and actions that threaten and damage vital wild habitat.

Building on 19 years of demonstrated success, EPC continues to protect the region's ecosystem by monitoring actions, proposed development projects, laws (both state and federal), and uniting the region's voices for sustainability. 

EPC's Habitat Protection projects and campaigns preserve wild salmon habitat and protect our sustainable economy. We oppose status quo business, tribal, and political leaders positioning themselves as the voice of "progress," when their plans give little or no thought to the future. 

We depend on the earth and its resources for everything. The least we can do is protect what wild places are left so future generations can know what wild is. The only thing Wild Salmon need from us is protection from habitat destruction. 

Preservation by protection is how we make sure the Salmon are there for a healthy food source, economic income and way of life for FOREVER.