Bag It Cordova

EPC is working to support the shift from disposable plastic grocery bags to reusable canvas bags in our local community of Cordova!  This project protects habitat by encouraging sustainable actions that are easy for people to incorporate into their daily lives.

The City Council of Cordova has recently PASSED an ordinance that bans one time use plastic grocery bags as well as polystyrene food containers.  Read the ordinance  - BagIt_CityOrdinance.pdf. The bag ban is set to begin October 1, 2016. 

Earlier in 2015 EPC raised enough funds to gift an eco friendly bag to each household in Cordova to help shoppers remember to bring their own bags to the store. EPC completed its first crowd funding campaign to raise the funds needed!

Check out our IndiegogoCampaign

With your help us we reached our goal! 

Project Background:

Home to abundant wildlife and the best wild salmon on the globe, Cordova seems like the quintessential Alaskan
paradise…but our little town has a big problem and needs your help.

Recently, our city decided to stop recycling trash created by the community. Recycling is difficult, costly and oftentimes logistically impossible. More waste in our landfill threatens the land, waters, wildlife and people that depend on the outdoors for a living.

In response, The Eyak Preservation Council is taking action! We will distribute eco-friendly reusable cotton shopping bags for free to the local community.   

The impact will be substantial, as over 1.2 million plastic bags are purchased and distributed each year by the two largest retail stores in Cordova - a town with a year round population of only 2,500 residents. This means people here use and throw away over 340 plastic bags per person per year.

This massive number of plastic bags has swamped the city's garbage department, which is now spending over 400 hours a year collecting plastic bags that are discarded and scattered all over the region, including the Copper River delta. There is no way to know how many of these bags end up in the ocean, but as we all know plastic pollution is causing wide spread damage to our oceans, marine animals and sea birds world wide.

Imagine the power of less plastic litter and pollution coupled with more environmental education and awareness.