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Our mission: to honor Eyak Hertiage and to conserve wild salmon culture and habitat through education, awareness and the promotion of sustainable lifeways for all peoples. 

EPC's work ensures that the salmon will continue to return to their birthplace and nurture the ecosystems of which they are a fundamentally important species. It also ensures that the community of local subsistence and commercial fishers in the region will continue to flourish. Essential to local economic sustainability is bioregional conservation, and our little corner of the world is a microcosm baseline model for the planet. This is one of the last wild places on planet earth where we still have a chance to get it right, by leaving it alone - wild and thriving. Please use this site to investigate and propagate our message. Learn more

EPC Updates

Spring Salmon News & Update

— May 28, 2019

News and updates from the Eyak Preservation council: Salmon are returning; Northern Edge 2019; Deadline for Pebble Mine comments, Exxon Valdez 30 years ago [+]

Holiday Greetings from Eyak Preservation Council

— Dec 28, 2018

We thank you all for the good work, support and accomplishments you have made in 2018. The Eyak Preservation Council had an incredible year. [+]

Storm Damages Eyak Lake Home in Cordova, Alaska

— Nov 14, 2018

The Eyak Preservation Council’s beloved Eyak Lake 5-mile home in Cordova, Alaska was hit hard by a hemlock, heavy rains and winds that exceeded 85mph on Tuesday, October 23rd. [+]

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