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The Navy recently received authorization to conduct their trainings in the Gulf of Alaska for the next five years (2017 - 2022). Local communities, tribes and fishing groups are asking the Navy to change their trainings in order to minimize the effects their trainings could have on marine mammals and fish populations, subsistence harvests and fishing industries and the local economies in these coastal communities. 

The US Navy plans to conduct military training activities in the Gulf of Alaska to “achieve and maintain military readiness.” (Source www.goaeis.com).

The Navy uses active and passive sonar for submarine exercises, plus a variety of live weapons and explosives.  This area is vital habitat for many species of marine life including whales and salmon. The water here supports the most sustainable and economically valuable fisheries left in the USA. 

These trainings set a dangerous precedent for unchecked military expansion in the most pristine waters left on earth. 

Please send the letter below to let the Navy know that you oppose the current timing and location of their trainings. We ask that the Navy move their trainings farther offshore and for the exercises to take place only in the fall. 

This letter will be sent to: 

- Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Johnathan Richardson

- Commander of the Pacific Fleet, Admiral Scott Swift

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