2015 Fall Newsletter

— Posted by admin on Oct 22nd, 2015

Dear Friends,
The Bering River Conservation Initiative: Keep Coal in the Ground
Dune and Carol with Joo Shin as he discusses his quest to conserve the Bering River watershed and keep coal in the ground
EPC heard from the commercial fishing permit holders in this region- they wrote letters to Secretary Vilsack saying NO to coal mining in the Copper-Bering River watersheds. EPC is approaching the final run to retire the Bering River coalfields. The Korean Alaska Development Corporation is still a willing seller, and Theodore Roosevelt IV, Gifford Pinchot III and Jane Goodall are in our circle to help and join with the people of this region to make this happen. Copper River Wild Salmon Forever! Get in touch directly and soon to bring this historic opportunity to the finish line. You can help; please contact us today to find out how.
From Left to Right: EPC ED Carol Hoover, Kim Shin, Dr. Joo Shin, Belle Mickelson, Jeremy Donahue, EPC Program Manager Emily Stolarcyk, Gabe Scott at the EPC Eyak Lake 5-Mile house in Cordova
Shepard Point NO - Oil Spill Response YES
Word is that the Army Corps of Engineers will let Cordovan's know by year-end whether they approve the application to build the road and deep water port at Shepard Point. Along with many community members, EPC has been monitoring this project for over 18 years. Improved oil spill response for Cordova will be better served by a "practicable, environmentally less damaging and available" location. That important statement is the National Environmental Policy Act terminology that will determine the decision.
Defend Our Oceans: Navy Military Exercises in the Gulf of Alaska
EPC's expansive regional outreach and action culminated in an unprecedented response from our communities and the Navy/ Alaskan Command. Although the Navy did carry out training exercises in the Gulf of Alaska this summer, EPC saw meaningful change and will continue 
to work on this issue throughout the fall and winter. The recent settlement between NRDC/ Earthjustice and the Navy is a good sign of things to come. Stay tuned to EPC more 
details and updates. 
Jenna May, Dune, Nickel & Ananda and Joanna during the Eyak Culture Camp
Eyak 4th Annual Culture Camp
This year's expanded event included invitations to Eyak speaker Guillaume Leduey and Project Director Jenna May to the Nuchek Spirit Camp. Eyaks from around the country came to Cordova 
to take part in public language workshops with Guillaume and 
Dr. Michael Krauss. The Culture Camp included a hooligan demonstration with the Forest Service, basket and net making, communal food preparation and storytelling, and language 
and history workshops with Dr. Krauss and anthropologist 
Gary Holton. To learn more: Eyak Newsletter
Wild Salmon Potlatch! !Copper River Salmon!
We have King salmon portions, early Copper River season available. Email - Get Wild Copper River salmon!

The Exxon Reopener Campaign
 is on - we need your awareness and calls to make Exxon Pay Up: 
Stop in and see us for your free canvas bag! 
EPC has been distributing the Reduce-Reuse-Recycle Bags and will be giving the petition to City Council soon! Please spread the word to your fellow Cordovan's to stop by our office if they have not done so already! We are in the State Trooper building on Main Street, across from the Picnic Basket!


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