Action Packed Summer on the Copper River Delta

— Posted by admin on Oct 23rd, 2014

Action-packed Alaska Summer on the Copper River Delta


Copper River & Prince William Sound Salmon Season Update

EPC continues working to preserve and protect wild salmon habitat. With fishing all wrapped up the numbers are in: King - 10, 329, Sockeye - 3,310,233, Coho - 587,801, Pink - 38,392,309 and Chum - 1,161,828 (Source Alaska Dept of Fish and Game)

Big news:US Gov't buys $13 Million worth of Alaskan Pink Salmon for food banks. According to Senator Murkowski's office, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack authorized the purchase as part of The Emergency Food Assistance Program, or TEFAP. Read more... 


The Right Port in the Right Place-No Shepard Point SeaLionShepardPoint.JPG

EPC endorses improved oil spill response in Cordova - but not at the $40M+ cost of a new road and deep water port at Shepard Point, in an avalanche zone! There's been quite a bit of activity this summer, and a Clean Water Act 404 application has been submitted to the Army Corps of Engineers. Whatever the Corps decision, EPC is ready to respond, and we seriously request your awareness and help. More information... 



The Bering River Watershed coal "keep it in the ground" moves closer!

Our long-time effort to keep the historic Bering River coal in the ground, as President Theodore Roosevelt and Forest Service founder Gifford Pinchot wanted in the early 1900's, is moving closer to a successful conclusion; but we still need your help! This summer has formed a new alliance between EPC and conservation club Wildlife Forever. After visiting with EPC in Cordova, Wildlife Forever agreed to provide letters of support; We need your voice, too! Write a letter today and you can help keep coal in the ground and preserve wild salmon! 

EPC Attended the 25th Biennial Gwich'in Gather 

In July, ED Carol and Program Manager Emily flew to Old Crow, Yukon for the

Gwich'in Nation Gather. The Gather is held every other year, each time in a different village. The Gather is part reunion and part action, each time the Gwich'in National reaffirms their commitment to stand united against drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge - calving grounds of their sacred Porcupine Caribou herd. Learn more about the connection between the quest for oil exploration in the Arctic Refuge and human rights. Check out our photo album from Old Crow!


Eyak Culture Camp/ Eyak Revitalization: The Words of the People

The third annual Eyak Culture Camp was a wild success with Eyaks and Eyak Language enthusiasts coming from all over the world to celebrate and learn about Eyak culture. About 35 people attended the three-day gathering. Activities included a language workshop, games, storytelling, touring archeological sites, eating Copper River salmon, sharing local foods and multigenerational healing within the Eyak ancestral homelands. Check out the Eyak Language eLearning program


Education & Awareness Program

Wild Salmon Smoke Experience

The season kicked off with the Wild Salmon Smoke Experience. A sustainable foods chef and organic slow-foods farmer came to Cordova to learn the ancient process of preparing and smoking salmon, and then feast on Copper River Wild King Salmon. Photos...


Wild & Scenic Film Festival DSC_0144.JPG

Ninety people attended the event EPC hosted on Aug 22nd. The High School gym was bustling with a three-hour program that included great food, local music and new films from all over the world. Thank you to our sponsors, donors and attendees! And thanks go to the SYRCL for creating this national environmental film festival. We look forward to hosting the event again next summer in Cordova.


Eyak Lake Eco-retreat

An amazing array of guests, over 50 people, stayed with us this summer and learned about wild salmon habitat, Alaska and Alaska's Native peoples and history, EPC's programs and campaigns and experienced the stunning beauty of our wild pristine rainforest region. Guests included those active in education, law, conservation, social justice, art, music, sustainable economies, sustainable food systems. In August 2014, EPC also hosted its second on-site Board meeting that was attended by all of EPC's board members except for one who attended the meeting via Skype. Another Board meeting is scheduled for October 2014. 

    We are scouting upcoming for Copper River raft trips next year. EPC staff 
and volunteers took two one-day raft trips down the Copper, from Child's Glacier 
to 27-mile.


Wild Salmon Potlatch Project - Fresh Coho Salmon Available! FishJump_2322.JPG

So far in 2014 EPC has distributed over 700 pounds of Copper RiverKing, Sockeye and Coho salmon to individuals, groups, events and benefits. EPC also donates salmon to numerous causes including the Bioneers Conference, Anchorage Food Bank, Gwich'in Gather, and more. This year, "our" salmon was sent far and wide...from Alaska to Texas,from Washington DC to California, and all places in-between. We are always told it's the best and most delicious they've ever had! EPC requests donations for salmon get in touch as soon as possible if you would like some "Dune-caught" Wild Coho!!



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