Some campaigns that have fought Navy trainings exercises – and some have won

Alaska – As a result of litigation over sonar use in Navy trainings in Hawaii and Southern California and the availability of new information on sonar impacts, in early 2013 the Navy began preparation of Supplement to its 2011 EIS on its Northern Edge exercises in the Gulf of Alaska. The SEIS was finalized in late 2016. As a result of public comments and intense public pressure, largely organized by EPC, the SEIS eliminated ship sinkings (called SINKEX) and the use of torpedoes. Also, the smaller-scale of the two action alternatives (although still unacceptable to the public) was selected in the subsequent decision in early 2017. The decision expires in 2022.

Canary IslandsIn 2004 the Spanish government banned use of military sonar within 50-km of the these Islands, a hotspot for beaked whales strandings and where military training with sonar had been frequent. Since the ban there have been no more beaked whale stranding events, which had occurred often since the advent of high-powered military mid-frequency sonar in the 1960s. On the Canary Islands there were 18 mass stranding events between 2002 and 2004 alone. de Quiros et al. (2019).

Guam – Citizen and environmental groups argue that U.S. Navy must consider the full impact of live-fire training on Pågan and Tinian as part of moving thousands of Marines to Guam. EarthJustice, Sept. 12, 2018.

U.S. "Military proposes continued sonar use as more [beaked] whales wash up on Guam's shores."  Pacific Daily News, March 4, 2019. "The Marianas Islands Training and Testing is not only affecting marine mammals," said Brent Tibbats of the Guam Dept. of Argriculture's Division of Aquatic & Wildlife Resources.

HawaiiCourt rules that Navy sonar violates federal law. April 1, 2015. (Court's decision.)

Southern California & Hawaii – "A Whale of a Win: After decades of advocacy and action, a campaign to protect marine mammals from harmful underwater sonar finally pays off—in an appropriately big way." Article by NRDC's Michael Jasny, Sept. 15, 2015.

Vieques Island (off Puerto Rico) – Residents celebrate the 10th anniversary of activists bringing Navy trainings there to an end. Democracy Now!, May 2, 2013.

West Coast Action Alliance, Washington state – The organization is no longer active; use this link to access its former website. WCAA focused on the Navy's aerial trainings in the Olympic Peninsula area.  Vimeo: "No Electromagnetic Warfare Testing on the Olympic Peninsula!"