Current and Past News about Northern Edge and Related Issues

05/09/2019 Huffington Post Link Salmon Catch Is Falling For This Alaskan Village. Will A Big Military Exercise Make It Worse?
05/08/2019 High Country News Link Alaskans at war with U.S. military over readiness exercises
03/08/2019 Cordova Times Link NORAD/Alaskan Command gearing up for NE19
03/06/2019 Pacific Command presentation at Cordova City Council Video ( A one-hour City Council work session on Northern Edge, with 25 min. presentation by military representatives, followed by public Q&A. )
02/11/2019 Sound & Valley News



Northern Edge Timing Controversial
01/19/2019 Cordova Times Link Exercise Northern Edge on schedule for May
01/15/2019 EPC press release - Group reminds Pacific Fleet commander of limitations on Gulf of Alaska war games
10/28/2018 USNI News Link Navy Issues Final Study Seeking Continued Use of Training Ranges Hawaii, California Ranges
08/31/2018 KMXT (Kodiak) and Alaska News Nightly Link Military plans exercises in Gulf of Alaska for spring despite widespread opposition (Starts at 13:15)
08/30/2018 Cordova Times Link Plans for 2019 war games still preliminary. EPC voices concern that coming games will be larger than 2017 and 2015 events
08/29/2018 KTOO radio, and Alaska news nightly Link Northern Edge Military Exercise in the Gulf of Alaska Set for May 2019
08/29/2018 Kodiak Daily Mirror, repub. by AP; in: U.S.News  Link Northern Edge Military Exercises in Alaska Planned for May
  Navy Times, and Link Northern Edge exercises slated for May in Alaska Link Northern Edge Military Exercises in Alaska Planned for May
    Link Northern Edge Military Exercises in Alaska Planned for May
08/16/2018 EPC press release - War Games in Gulf of Alaska May Be Bigger in 2019. Exercise's scale and its spring timing concern conservation group
07/24/2018 Seafood News Link Northern Edge Military Exercise in the Gulf of Alaska Set for May 2019
07/21/2018 Cordova Times Link Planning underway for Northern Edge 2019
07/18/2018 Fishermen's News Link Military Says Planning Has Begun for Northern Edge 2019 War Games
10/17/2017 Assoc. Press Link Navy Discusses Alaska Exercises That Conflict With Fishing
10/16/2017 Kodiak Daily Mirror Link ‘May is a bad month:’ Navy could change training dates
05/09/2017 op-ed, Rick Steiner, Anchorage Daily News Link Northern Edge poses threat to marine life
05/04/2017 Link Thousands of Military Personnel Converge on Alaska for Northern Edge
05/02/2017 Alaska Public Media Link Northern Edge military exercise takes to Alaska’s sea, air and land
04/26/2017 KUAC (Fairbanks) Link State’s biggest military training exercise takes off next week
04/25/2017 KTVA TV Link Northern Edge to go ahead, along with continued community concern
04/25/2017 Anchorage Daily News Link Northern Edge military training in Gulf of Alaska gets Navy's OK -- with limits
04/14/2017 Cordova Times Link Navy urged to hold Northern Edge 2019 in the fall
04/12/2017 Anchorage Daily News Link Northern Edge military exercise again brings unease to Alaska coastal towns
04/10/2017 Truthout Link War in the Gulf (No, Not That Gulf!): The US Navy’s Anti-Environmental Broadside in the Gulf of Alaska
03/30/2017 Cordova Times Link Navy moves ahead with NE17 plans
03/30/2017 National Fisherman Link War training planned for Gulf of Alaska could spell trouble for salmon
03/24/2017 Cordova Times Link Northern Edge 2017 begins May 1
03/23/2017 KMXT radio Link Preservation Group Says Coastal Military Training May Harm Salmon Habitat
03/22/2017 Alaska Fish Radio Link Navy asked to change timing of war training in Gulf of AK by coastal communities
02/11/2019 Sound Valley News  Link Northern Edge Timing Controversial
01/19/2019 Cordova Times Link Exercise Northern Edge on schedule for May
01/13/2017 KBBI radio (Homer) Link Proposed Naval Training Causes Concern
12/02/2016 Cordova Times Link NE17 information session set for Dec. 7
09/26/2016 Anchorage Daily News Link Upcoming Alaska Navy training exercises prompt protest plans
09/20/2016 Alaska Public Media Link Murkowski says Navy has explaining to do
08/16/2016 KBBI (Homer) & Alaska News Nightly Link Proposed Naval training causes concern
07/18/2016 NRDC (press release) Link Major Victory on Low-Frequency Sonar (Note: LF sonar is not used in N. Edge)
06/16/2016 Truthout Link Navy Allowed to Kill or Injure Nearly 12 Million Whales, Dolphins, Other Marine Mammals in Pacific
11/13/2015 Cordova Times none Quest for Northern Edge details continues
11/13/2015 Peninsula Daily News Link Fisheries Service approves Navy plan to expand sonar testing, other warfare training in area waters — corrected
09/14/2015 Huffington Post Link Navy Agrees To Limit Pacific Trainings To Protect Marine Life (S. Calif & Hawaii)
06/25/2015 Alaska News Nightly Link ‘Northern Edge’ Military Exercise Returns to Alaska After 4-Year Hiatus. (Starts at 02:20)
06/17/2015 KBBI (Homer) & Alaska News Nightly Link Navy Reps Hear Complaints on Northern Edge Exercises (starts at 23:48)
06/16/2015 Democracy Now! Page, Bombing the Arctic: US Navy War Games in Gulf of Alaska Threaten One of World’s Most Pristine Areas
06/15/2015 David Grimes LTE, Link Dear US Navy: You can do better than summer war games in Gulf of Alaska
  Anchorage Daily News    
06/14/2015 Al Jazeera Link Alaska Natives, fishermen protest Navy training during fishing season
06/11/2015 Homer News Link Protest targets military exercise
06/09/2015 KBBI radio (Homer) Link Coastal Communities Rally to Protest Naval Activity in the Gulf of Alaska
06/04/2015 Anchorage Daily News Link On edge: Planned Gulf of Alaska military exercise stirs opposition in coastal towns
05/30/2015 Anchorage Daily News Link Kodiak tribal leaders, fishermen protest Gulf of Alaska military plans
05/22/2015 Greenpeace blog Link Alaska Fishermen Organize Flotilla to Protest Navy’s Training Plans
05/21/2015 Truthout Link Destroying What Remains: How the US Navy Plans to War Game the Arctic
05/16/2015 Anchorage Daily News repub. of Cordova Times Link Cordova fishermen protest Navy training exercises in Gulf of Alaska
05/16/2015 Fairbanks News-Miner Link Alaska boats link in giant flotilla to protest military exercise
04/29/2015 Kodiak Daily Mirror Link Sun’aq Tribe sets sights on planned Navy training using sonar and live bombs in Kodiak
03/09/2015 Truthout Link Domestic Military Expansion Spreads Through the US, Ignites Dissent
10/10/2014 Op-ed, E. Stolarcyk, Cordova Times none Summer war games in the Gulf of Alaska? Fishermen take note: the Navy wants an expanded five-year authorization even though it doesn’t know what the impacts will be
06/25/2009 Alaska News Nightly Link Huge Military Exercise Wraps Up in Alaska
06/25/2009 Alaska News Nightly Link Alaska News Nightly (start at 90:57): The USS Stennis, a nuclear aircraft carrier, visits Alaska waters as part of exercise Northern Edge 2009.
06/19/2009 Letter by 7 senators, to top NOAA official Link ( Supporting NOAA's request that the Navy "conduct a comprehensive review of measures to reduce environmental harm from the [its] mid-frequency sonar exercises." Signed by senators Boxer, Cantwell, Snowe, Whitehouse, Wyden, and Feinstein. )