Cordova Community Solar

Feasibility Report 2018

Cordova, Alaska is an extremely unique community. Livelihoods depend on the returning world-renowned salmon runs from May through October. Cordova is one of the largest seafood ports in North America both in poundage and monetary value. As a rural Alaskan community, both off-the-grid and isolated from the road system, Cordova depends on its infrastructure of electricity for its very survival. 

Currently Cordova’s electric needs are supplied year-round with a mixture of hydropower and diesel generated power. Our electric supplier, the Cordova Electric Cooperative (CEC), has been progressive and aggressive in maintaining safe and reliable power for our customers in extremely variable and harsh weather conditions in the times of peak use. CEC is a proud voice for environmental stewardship in this coastal, temperate rainforest region.

Our goal in Cordova is to burn as little diesel fuel as possible to generate power – diesel is expensive because it must be imported to Cordova, which in itself is a large use of fossil fuels. Hence, the Eyak Preservation Council is performing the due-diligence necessary to produce a Solar Power Feasibility Study and Report for the Cordova Electric Cooperative.

This feasibility report will be used to guide and encourage the Cooperative and the City of Cordova toward innovative solutions to generating renewable solar power, promoting sustainable and reliable ways of generating electricity for the community.