EPC Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is composed of influential and knowledgeable experts drawn from a broad and balanced variety of community stakeholders such as tribal members, local business people, non-profits, academics, etc. Members are selected for their expertise, knowledge and specific interest in EPC's mission work. Each member of the Advisory Board contributes to the Program within her or his respective field of competence.

The Advisory Board’s role is to advise and challenge the Executive Board on the strategy, direction and best practice for each step of the Program. Moreover, it helps monitor and evaluate progress. The Advisory Board therefore ensures that opinions and perspectives of community stakeholders are integrated into the pursuit of the Programme’s objectives. 

Membership of the Advisory Board does not signify endorsement of the EPC, However Advisory Board members are expected to support the program objectives within their field of activity and expertise.

 EPC Advisory Board Members:
  • Karen Button
  • Susanna Colloredo 
  • David Grimes 
  • Chief Gary Harrison 
  • Robbin La Vine
  • Timothy Metz
  • Pamela Smith
  • Darcie Hock, Esq. 
  • Alan Trist
  • Nils Boisen
  • Mariah Parker