Wild Salmon Smoke Experience

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Once in a lifetime chance to learn the traditional Eyak

way of preparing and smoking Wild Copper River King Salmon...

In late May come visit an off-road wild fishing community in Alaska! When the midnight sun is almost at 24 hours the Wild Sockeye and King salmon return to their ancestral rainforests and waters in the Eyak ancestral homelands in the Copper River Delta outside of Cordova, Alaska.

For thousands of years Native Alaskans have based their tribal cultures around the salmon that return each year. They feast on and honor this fish above all else as a symbol of the giver of life and the interconnectedness that unites us all.

Space for this wild event is limited!
The experience is a hands-on and in-the-fish activity– be prepared to handle salmon every step of the way– from boat to palette! Pam will demonstrate filleting, preparing, salting and smoking, and then cooking this world famous delicacy.

What's included:
Lodging at the EPC Eyak Lake Retreat;
Meals and transportation;
All the delicious Wild Salon you helped to prepare and smoke with Pam;
Finally, cap off the adventure with an overnight stay at Sea Otter Island - a beautiful off grid eco-wilderness home on a private island.


"This is a unique opportunity...we learned about relationships between the modern and traditional world. The experience will live forever in my heart." — John Coinman

"...the knowledge and spiritual wisdom held in Pamela's hands and heart is powerful." - Jo Andersen

"I am a gourmet cook and I have never experienced anything like this before..." - Noel Littlejohn

From the Ocean to the Smokehouse - A Copper River Salmon Story on Vimeo

For details get in touch with us directly by emailing: eyak@redzone.org