You Can Help Now! 

Retire the Bering Coalfields, Make History!


The 11,920-acre coalfield remains vulnerable to development - Help us Keep Coal in the Ground


Retiring and conserving the Bering River coalfield is of global significance.


The Eyak Preservation Council is carrying the torch to take this over the finish line. Your name will be included in the roster of supporters as a Bering River Coalition Member. 

Preserving and thereby removing all development threats (oil, gas, coal, clearcutting and roads) from the Copper River Delta will lead to the permanent protection of the entire three million-acre lower Copper River Watershed, one of the largest conservation opportunities anywhere. Success will protect jobs, recreational lands, subsistence rights and a world-renowned commercial fishing industry in Prince William Sound and the Gulf of Alaska. By combining Indigenous leadership, Native Corporations, a South Korean corporation, the State of Alaska, the USFS, foundations, national land trusts, regional grassroots endorsements, community and YOU – all working together for a common conservation goal. This unprecedented opportunity would present an example of cooperation for environmental preservation and model stewardship that can inspire a new generation of Indigenous and conservation leaders.

CAPITAL CAMPAIGN DONOR INTEREST: Purchase the Bering River Coalfields & Protect Wild Salmon

EPC is actively requesting the involvement of those that wish to make major donations for the purchase of the Bering River coalfields - an investment in forever. Your “investment” will be deposited in the Pinchot Institute for Conservation trust account and allocated to the purchase of the Bering River coal title with an associated conservation easement held by the Native Conservancy Land Trust. You will become a member of a prestigious and visionary circle. Please contact us directly for arrangements.